Marzia Tedeschi  is an Italian actress who has been working in Germany since 2013. She speaks Italian, English, German and French. She played in Germany, among other roles , the role of Francesca Tegano in the new Featirefilm from Nuno- Miguel Wong, Turiyafilm and FFF Bayer in 2017, the role of Gilda in the TV movie Goster, directed by Didi Danquart (HR / ARD) and she payed again in 2016 for the second time  the role of Maria in the TV movie Tatort- Der sprechende Tote, shot in Spain in October 2016, Almeria, directed by Roland Suso Richter. She payed the same role in Tatort-Die Sonne stirbt wie ein Tier, directed by Patrick Winczewski (ARD) in 2014. She interpreted also the role of Luana in tv movie “Leichtmatrosen on tv in ARD, 2017. She has also performed in several short films produced in Germany including Ein Bad völler Tränen in Darmstadt, Das Kokainbiest in Berlin and  latetly a new film project called Laserpope directed by the young filmmaker Lukas Rinker, Mainz 2016. Last Aprile 2017 she attended a workshop with the international casting-director Nancy Bishop and in Berlin she attended the Masterclass “The power of the actor” with the american acting-coach Ivana Chubbuck. She took acting classes in New York, at the MCS with Matthew Corozine, Sandy Meisner Tecnique, whiel she was performing there in Manhattan the role of Lady Macbeth in MITF Festoval 2014. She´s been working for some years on the show Clan Macbeth (role : Lady Macbeth) with her Italian group all around the world in international theatre Festivals. She is also the artistic director of Clan Macbeth show and deals directly with the organizers of Festivals and theatre´s events. She performed in 2015 in Algeria at the Béjaia int. theatre festival and at the national theatre of Algier. The same year she peformed Clan Macbeth also at Poti int. theatre festival in Georgia and the summer 2014 at the MITF festival in Manhattan, New York. She was as a member of the jury for the main competition at the Kufar Theatre Festival in Minsk, Belarus, where she tought also an acting Workshop called “Power and love in the actor”. For her performance in the movie For Bread Alone (Al Khubz Al Hafi- Il Pane Nudo) directed by Rachid Benhadj, she was awarded ‘Best Actress’ in San Francisco at the Tiburon International Film Festival, in Rotterdam at the Arab Film Festival and at the BAFF Festival, Milan, Italy. She also appeared in the movie No Problem by Vincenzo Salemme, prod. Medusa and worked in several italian Tv series live on RAI 1, including L´Isola and Il Bene e il Male. She worked in the shortfilm Il Compito directed by Rachid Benhadj in Rome and Life is an illusion directed by Massimo Amici in Los Angeles, USA. She was a Member of the juy in Damascus Film Festival 2010 and was in the “Talent’s Corner” in Cannes Film Festival, 2011.