Italian, English, German and French, did Co-lead Role in scripted Arabic with a dialogue coach in the movie“For bread alone”(Al Khubz al Hafi/ Il pane nudo).


-2017 Casting workshop with Nancy Bishop, Amsterdam.          -2015 Casting-Training: national & international by the actor Institute “iSFF” of Berlin.                                                     -2015 Masterclass, “The power of the actor” with Ivana Chubbuck, Berlin.
– 2014 Acting Classes with Matthew Corozine, MCS Studio,Meinser Tecnique, Manhattan, New York.
– 2012/14 Acting Masters with Mike Bernardin and Great Amend, Actorspace, Meisner Tecnique, Berlin.
– 2008 Acting classes with Richard Harrison, Los Angeles, USA.
– 2003 Laurea (Degree) in “Performing Arts”, University “La Sapienza” of Rome.
– 1999-2002 Acting lessons and workshops Stanislavsky-Strasberg method with Geraldin Baron, Michael Margotta, Marylin Fried and with Greta Seacat.

-2018 “Better free” shortfilm, Regie Julian Regensburger, Sudtirol/ Babelsberg Studios/ Postam.

2017  “Tarantella”, feature film, role Francesca Tegano, dir. by Nuno-Miguel Wong, prod. Turiyafilm and FFF Bayern, Munich.   -2015 Teaser “Laser Pope”, role Mother, dir.by Lukas Rinker, Hochschule Medien, Mainz.                                                   
– 2011 “Mancanza-Studio”,feature film, coprod. Italy-South Korea. 
– 2008 “No Problem”, feature film, prod. Medusa, dir. by Vincenzo Salemme.
– 2006 Feature film”For Bread Alone” (Il Pane Nudo) role: Sallafa, starring with Said Tagmaoui.                                                 Prod. Roberto De Laurentiis, Italy/Morocco/France, dir. by Rachid Benhadj.
– 2005 “Life Is An Illusion” co-star role: crazy woman, Dir. Massimo Amici/L.A./short.


-2019 “Bonusfamilie”, Regie Isabel Braak, Rolle Giulia, Prod. Goodfriends/ARD, Berlin.

-2017 “Urlaub mit Mama”, role Rosalia, dir. by Florian Froschmeyer, Leterbox/ARD prod., Berlin.                              -2016 movie “Tatort: der sprechende Tote”, dir. by Roland Suso Richter, role Maria starring with Andreas Hoppe, prod. SWR/ARD, Germany/Spain.                                                                  -2016 movie “Leichtmatrosen”, dir. by Stefan Hering, role Luana, starring Golo Euler, prod. Lichtblick/ARD, Berlin, Germany.             -2015 movie “Goster”, dir. by Didi Danquart, role Gilda, starring with Bruno Cathomas, prod. HR/ARD, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 
– 2014 movie “Tatort-Die Sonne stirbt wie ein Tier”, role Maria, dir. by Patrick Winczewski, prod. ARD/SWR, Baden Baden,Germany.
– 2013 series “Dahoam is Dahoam” role Gina, dir. by Thomas Pauli, Prod.Costantin, München, Germany.
– 2012 “L’Isola” , role Jasmine, Prod. Palomar /RAI, dir. by Alberto Negrin.
– 2008 “Il Bene e Il Male”, role Irene, RAI national TV.

-2019 “Clan Macbeth“, role Lady Macbeth, Regie Daniele Scattina, Skampa international Theater Festival, Albania.

-2018 “Clan Macbeth“, role Lady Macbeth, Regie Daniele Scattina, Tanger international Theater Festival, Morocco.

-2015 “Clan Macbeth”, role Lady Macbeth, dir. by Daniele Scattina, Béjaia international theatre Festival, Algeria.
– 2015″Clan Macbeth”, role Lady Macbeth, dir. by Daniele Scattina, national theatre of Alger, Algeria.
– 2015 “Clan Macbeth”, role Lady Macbeth, directed by Daniele Scattina, Poti international theatre Festival, Georgia.
– 2014 “Clan Macbeth”, role Lady Macbeth, directed by Daniele Scattina, MITF Festival, Manhattan, New York.
– 2014 “Rock Caligola”, role Cesonia, dir. By Daniele Scattina,Teatro Tor Bella Monaca, Rome.
– 2011 “Clan Macbeth”, role Lady Macbeth, dir. by Daniele Scattina, “Amman Theater Festival” in Jordan.
– 2008 “Attivamente Coinvolte”, role Andromaca, Palladium Theatre dir. by Daniela Giordano.
– 2008 “Come lo fanno le ragazze”, role Elisa, Il Piccolo Eliseo Theatre Dir. by Daniela Giordano.
– 2007 “Incursioni Amorose” Lead Role Nat’l tour, directed by DennyCecchini.
– 2006 “L’isola e il vento” by G. Quercini, with Filippo Timi, Teatro “Ateneo”, Rom.
– 2004/2005 “L’impresario delle Smirne” Colead Role Lucrezia with Nino Castelnuovo, dir. by Massimo Belli, Taormina Theater Festival and Nat’l tour.
– 2002 “Drunken Song” Co-star, dir. By Terry Enright, The Studio Theatre/ Exmouth, England -2002 “Red, Red Shoes” Co-star dir. by Ruth Way The Studio Theatre/ Exmouth, England.

-Best Actress Award for the role of Lady Macbeth at Tagier int. theatre festival, Morocco 2018.

-Best Actress Award in San Francisco, at the Tiburon Film Festival 2006 “For Bread Alone”www.tiburonfilmfestival.com
-Best Actress Award  at the BAFF Festival 2006 (Il Pane Nudo/Al Khubz al Hafi)www.baff.it, Italy .
-Best Actress Award at the Arab Film Festival/Rotterdam,Holland 2006 “Al Khubz al Hafi”.

SKILLS Singing, dance, oriental dance, swim, skiing.

GIURY MEMBER at Kufar theatre Festival, Belarus 2014.

GIURY MEMBER für Int. shortfilm selection at Damascus Film Festival, Syrie 2010.

TALENT´S CORNER at Cannes Film Festival 2011.

Agent :

Black and White Management, Rome.